Workshops and Presentations

A Sampling of Workshops and Presentations by Our Consultants

Dynamic World

Operating on a Shoestring Budget: 22 Ways to Save Money and Get Things Done

Effective Committee Leadership

Establishing Affiliated Foundations

Critical Non-Profit Management Skills for the 21st Century

Compensation Basics for Non-Profit Executives and Staff

Employment Agreements: Good for the Organization, Good for the Executive

Organization Structure: The Art and Architecture of Good Bylaws

Building Position Descriptions That Work

Associate Memberships: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Developing Non-Dues Income

Overcoming Community Crisis

Determining the real decision points

How big to make “the tent”

Controlling the message

Sharing the limelight

Strategic Planning for Non-Profits

Developing New Products

Ten Mostly Inexpensive Ways to Keep Abreast of Member Needs and Views

High-Yield Staff Meetings

What to do When the Board Says “NO”  to Politics

Strategic Alliances, Mergers and the Future