Strategic Planning

If you don’t know where you’re going, no road is going to take you there.

Strategic Planning. See your organization’s future more clearly. Define your “product.” Position to act, not react. Focus attention, effort, and resources. Describe the “how,” the operational path to realizing your goals.

Planning is an action verb. We engage people in doing it. The result: a purposeful organization pursuing its goals with energy, dedication, and accomplishment.

Our research-driven strategic planning process equips your organization’s leadership and management to make sound decisions. We’re advocates of giving leaders frequent progress reports, layering the information that will shape elements of the plan, often culminating in a leadership retreat that brings all the pieces together. From beginning to adoption can take from three to six months.

Discover/Test “The Big Idea.” Sometimes utilizing an objective third party is the best way to gain insight into leaders’ and members’ visions for the future. Whether through one-on-one interviews or small conversation groups, we can help you identify needs and aspirations, then test support for these ideas. We can even mount electronic surveys to your membership or segments of your membership to this end, typically generating very high response rates that are broadly representative.

Keep Abreast of Member Needs and Opinion. We help associations design and carry out “market research” so they can detect member trends, identify unmet member needs, and better reflect opinion. We’ll work with you to schedule, create, and deploy an array of tools designed to just that, and help translate the results into responsive action.

Outcomes-Focused Retreats– Energize volunteer leaders! Set new priorities! Resolve a difficult issue! Validate your “product line!” Tell us what you need your retreat to accomplish and we will custom-design and facilitate a great retreat that will get you there. For more information, go to the “Retreats” page of this website.