At the end of the day, when your retreat is over and participants disperse, what do you want to have accomplished?

Tell us and we’ll custom-design and facilitate a great retreat to take you there.

A GREAT Retreat Can…

  • Energize and meld leaders into a cohesive force
  • Set strategic directions, set priorities
  • Frame action plans
  • Allocate resources
  • Validate your “product line” or prune programming to make way for new. Or both.
  • Clarify volunteer/management roles
  • Resolve a single issue
  • Train leaders
  • Address critical needs

One-Day and One-and-a-Half-Day Retreats

We don’t do “cookie cutter” retreats.

Use our copyrighted Strategic Retreat: Desired Outcomes Worksheet to help determine what you want your retreat to accomplish. Then we will tailor your retreat to meet those objectives, drawing upon the dozens of techniques and exercises we’ve discovered over the years that promote meaningful engagement with your leaders.

Through conference calls and/or on-site meetings with you and your leaders we refine the design, assign “homework” to management, to volunteer leaders, and to ourselves, and develop a retreat we all can be confident can attain the desired outcomes.

We draw upon dozens of techniques and exercises developed over the years to generate meaningful participation. Your organization’s leaders will feel the time they devote to their retreat well-spent and productive.

A few days after the retreat we prepare a written summary of the retreat’s proceedings, giving you yet another tool to help keep everyone on track.