Organization Review

Non-profit boards and management are being held to increasingly higher standards of accountability. In fact, Sarbanes-Oxley is becoming the de facto standard for Board performance.

Conducting an Organization Review, getting all systems in “go” condition, can lead to:

Enhanced effectiveness, increased net revenues

  • Reinforced confidence in your organization
  • Improved governance and management practices
  • Reduced exposure to legal actions attributable to governance
  • Setting relevant performance benchmarks
  • Recognition by state or national body

Akin to a financial audit, our Organization Review delves into your not-for-profit’s compliance with governing documents and basic IRS rules, evaluates present governance and operating structures, and assesses Board performance of its oversight responsibilities. The Review also examines the corporation’s operating practices and policies, benchmarking against “most appropriate practices.” We examine more than 40 elements in ten categories of governance, finance, and management.

Your association gets a written report with our findings and specific recommendations. We prefer to present our report in person, first to the task force with which we’ve been working, then to the Board and/or other audiences you select.

We Have Experience

Over the years our principals have examined the inner workings of three hundred 501(c)(6) and (c)(3) corporations. We have evaluated more than 125 U.S. Chamber accreditation applications. Drawing upon this experience, we make observations and recommendations to strengthen your organization.

Organization Reviews work best when our consultant interacts with a small, board-level task force that includes the chief paid executive. The project will place some demands on your staff, typically 20-to-25 person-hours, to gather documents and assemble data. We can assist those efforts both before and during our days on location.

On site we work to bring the paperwork alive through discussions with management and volunteer leaders. This helps us better understand how things really work so our recommendations can be truly on point.

Depending upon the availability of information and task-force members, the process can be completed in about a month,. Your organization gets a written analysis and cogent recommendations, along with a plan that sets forth the timing of and sequence for actions.