Mergers and Alliances

Even the Lone Ranger Had a Partner Strategic alliances are happening throughout the not-for-profit world, in coalitions, in federations, in special purpose partnerships and LLCs, in mergers and all their variants. This presentation explores the forces driving the formation of these alliances, particularly at the local and state levels, and the critical issues that often arise.

Ten Classic Forms of Strategic Alliance Learn the attributes of each one, how it works, circumstances where it seems to work well, and where it doesn’t.

Forging Strategic Alliances: A Short Course on Getting It Done Creating new relationships between organizations is not much different in the not-for-profit world than in the private, for-profit arena. Both require careful assessment of the opportunity, due diligence, and clear thinking as to how the parties knit together any new configuration. For both environments, but especially for not-for-profits, the process by which decisions get made is at least as important as the decisions themselves. This presentation outlines various approaches to crafting a new strategic alliance and identifies pitfalls to avoid.

Consulting Services

Reconnaissance On location we help you determine whether to initiate a serious effort towards forming a strategic alliance. We start with clarifying what needs to be accomplished over what period of time. Then we work to find where support lies for those objectives, as well as what the obstacles might be. We equip you to arrive at an early go/no-go decision, and narrow the options.

Develop the Action Plan Given the players, we help you flesh out how best to proceed, identifying key decision points. We pay particular attention to communication strategies with the various “audiences” with which the initiative will interact.

Acquire the Homework We gather the information you need to make good decisions. We help frame the critical issues, and work with you to determine how to resolve them.

Assess the Options At this point we help you assess strategic alliance options that are supported by the research, determine which one or two fit the circumstances best, then forge consensus over which form of alliance, with what kinds of situation-specific tailoring, best meets the objectives.

Make the Decision Carefully plan its implementation.

Bring the Alliance to Fruition Carry out the plan.