Board Development

Service on the board of a non-for-profit corporation is different from—yet in many ways very much the same as—service on the board of a private enterprise. Our seventy-five-minute interactive Workshop for Directors, suitable for both long-tenured and new board members, develops deeper understanding of the duties, obligations, limits and opportunities of service on non-profit Boards.

Maximize Board Engagement

Who is attracted to service on your board? How are meetings run? What advance materials are distributed? What does your board spend most of its time doing?

Board members’ level of commitment grows when they feel their time, judgment, vision, intelligence, and reach are well utilized—and the organization surely benefits.

Our consultants help you reinforce and sustain the environment that makes this possible. Our on-site assessment examines Board structure, policies, practices, resources, and management.

We’ll give you specific recommendations that, when implemented, will help a good organization become even better!

Bylaws:  If it has been 5 years or more since your organization last reviewed its bylaws, or if you have repeatedly amended them during this period to address “special circum-stances” a comprehensive review is in order.

  • Do your association’s bylaws facilitate or complicate decision-making?
  • Is everything that should be in your bylaws addressed?
  • Are the bylaws consistent with other governing documents?
  • Do the bylaws conform to IRS standards?
  • Do the bylaws reflect best practices? Are there extraneous provisions? Anachronisms?

Our professionals have critically reviewed the bylaws of nearly 300 organizations. We think of bylaws as your association’s architecture for governance–who makes what decisions, within what rules, and how member interests are safeguarded.

One-size-does-not-fit-all. An association of 60 members behaves very differently from one of 600. And while all bylaws touch on many of the same topics, good bylaws take varied forms to meet different missions, needs, sizes, and operating environments.

Our comprehensive evaluation and update of your organization’s bylaws delivers cohesive, coherent, complete, unambiguous bylaws that provide a solid foundation for sound, responsive, association governance for years to come.

Note: We are not attorneys. General Counsel should review any proposed changes to bylaws to make sure they conform with your state’s Non-Stock Corporation law, IRS code, and anti-trust law.

Put our experience and judgment to work for your organization.

Corporate Structure

Non-profit corporate structures are becoming ever more complex, responding to member, market, and institutional needs. We can help you establish an affiliated foundation, a subsidiary corporation, or even an LLC.

We can also help to shape contractual relationships that create de facto subsidiaries.

We’ll help you assess options and develop the framework for implementation and operations to the point where your attorneys can complete the documentation.

As noted on the Mergers/Affiliates page, we have facilitated mergers as well as the development of holding corporations.