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Professionals Advising Leaders of 501(c)(6) and 501(c)(3) Corporations

Governance • Management • Planning • Leadership •  Mergers and Strategic Alliances

Our consultants help client organizations gain obtain greater clarity of purpose; set and attain ambitious goals; enhance board and member engagement; discover, secure, and utilize resources with greater efficiency and efficacy. We help organizations strengthen governance; assess and when appropriate pursue strategic alliances. We are particularly adept at guiding organizations through transitions in mission, goals, structure, and staffing.

And we help clients recruit, develop, assess, and retain capable executive leadership.

Founded in 1986, we serve local, state, and regional trade and professional associations, chambers of commerce, economic development corporations, workforce boards, and other nonprofit organizations.

We’re experienced organization CEOs who draw upon personal experience and the knowledge gained from working with more than 300 clients in 30+ states and six developing countries.

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